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EPA Postpones Effluent Limits for Power Plants

On April 25, the EPA postponed the remaining compliance dates for steam powered electric generation plants to implement more stringent effluent limits under the Clean Water Act.  EPA postponed the dates (some of which could have taken effect as early as November 2018) to reconsider the rule after receiving petitions from interested groups. The rule … Continue Reading

EPA’S Dog Won’t Hunt

Avenal Power Center, LLC prevailed in its lawsuit (Avenal Power Center, LLC v U.S. EPA, 2010 WL 6743488 (D.D.C.)) against U.S. EPA for its failure to grant or deny a PSD permit application for the construction of a natural gas-fired power plant within the statutorily mandated one-year period.  Unfazed by the 1977 express statutory language … Continue Reading